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Immunity, here we come!!

‘Buzz!! Buzz!’ the alarm went. “Rohan, wake up!!” Rohan’s mother called from the kitchen. “You have to go to school!!”
“I can’t ma. I’m so sick!” His mother came in. Must be one of his naughty tricks, she thought. But as she put her hand on his head, she noticed he had a fever. He was really sick. “Maybe you’ll have to take the day off, Rohan.”
And he lied down, all covered up in his bed.
  Sounds familiar???

It's a fight.
A long haul.
we have reached a standard- many have too, but this is us.
And one thing, I know for sure, about MY NATION, is that once we NEED something, we WON'T stop.
Why worry about that common cold we get every month??
Why get less admission because of your vulnerability to a flu??
Why  be taken away from temptation- because you are sensitive and prone to catching fever or cold????

Here is an  example we are familiar with:

Girl blowing nose in bed

next Angry-Mother

 next  free vector Wrong Cross clip art because of
colds in kids


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    immunity all packed!!

    Writing this post was not very easy but was worth it, because it fully got me thinking. 
    And I started thinking so much, the solution to the problem came out just like that.
    It was fun writing, though, and it was a good experience. 
    Also, something new happened that I would love to share.
    One of my beloved readers aka my relative read this post, and she made a few changes regarding the health and practices of my young cousin, for a better and fitter life (for the kid)!!

    The problem

    The problem might be a little complicated to understand. 

    It is a clear fact that children have less immunity than adults.

    There are many ways to explain that, but the easiest way is : logic. 

    Kids are small, and their immunity is still developing. 

    Because of that, as compared to adults, 

    they are much more vulnerable to fall sick. (:().

    Another problem lies is that in 

    India, many illiterate people have no clue about how to  fight diseases, and how to prevent them. 
    The condition of their children is much, much worse. 

     Childhood memories should be about playing and having fun, school stuff and laughter. What if it becomes something like falling sick, and skipping important days of school or not going to some trips because you are so vulnerable to falling sick?? 

    When Rohan's Mother read this she was shocked.

    She remembered Rohan had a debate on the topic of immunity. But he himself was falling sick! And the scholarship...he was supposed to have at least 90% attendance! Now WHAT???

    The solution

    The solution is different for many. For example, premature kids tend to have immature immune systems, so they sometimes need a different type of diet for their growth. 
    * Give fruits and vegetables
    They have vitamin C and antioxidants, and both boost the immunity system. 

    *Less sugary food 
    now that's too bitter!!
    This is extremely important since sugary food does not give a boost in immunity and sometimes even decreases the chances.

    *take care of the lungs
    To boost immunity, it's good to take care of the lungs because they make the child susceptible to infection. Quit smoking. And keep smokers away from children. 

    *Exercise a lot!!
    This makes the white blood cells more efficient and also makes your child fitter and healthier.

     *Guard against Germ spread
    Yes, we've seen it in 
    millions of advertisements.
    The main tough drawback is that when the child interacts with his/her friends, he/she is also interacting with germs.
    Germs are everywhere, and we can't really 'destroy' them. But, we can always help our child not to be affected by them.
    Sanitize your hands or wash them well. Stay away  from others who have a cough/ cold. 
    After all, you know how the cycle goes on.....

    Tip (Expert advice by me!)
    Food given to children should be Cabbage, chicken soup, honey, lemon, mushrooms and oats.

    We are a nation, and it is our duty to create an environment which is safe and immune for our generation so that they can do the same later!!
                {Lets cheer for a better India!!!}

    Rohan's mother  showed this to her son, and they vowed to stay fit and healthy and have a strong immunity, by following these few easy steps.

    Akshita Gupta's ABC for a more                 
    immune India

    A aware

    B be healthy yourself

    C continue to make the world a better a better place with more immunity. 

    If everyone follows this ABC, 

    imagine how easy it would be.

    How immune and beautiful our nation would be.

    In the end, after a rest, Rohan was 

    much better. And he always would be. Everyone was impressed with the
    young boy's debate as he stood for 
    the responsibility of the family and how immunity your immunity was.
    And from that day, Rohan 
    was not only a very immune child- 
    so was the audience -the ones who were enthralled by his speech.

    Oh yeah, The chyawanprash worked for Rohan!

    and that's what did the magic!

                                      THE END 

                              THE IMMUNE END


    what our nation can be---- and what it will be!!


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